Articles on Ysart Glass

Monart, Vasart, Strathearn, Stuart Strathearn

The Ysart Stories
Monart Glass by Frank Andrews, April 2002
A Friendly Talk on Monart Collecting by Dominic Purdue, May 2002
Vasart Glass by Frank Andrews, April 2002
Paul Ysart & His Paperweights by Alison J. Clarke, March 1988
Strathearn Glass/Stuart Strathearn UNDER CONSTRUCTION input needed February 2006
Dave Moir - Vasart Glassmaker Vasart, Strathearn, Independant.
Ysart Glass Specials 1 A few Monart pieces that add to the history.
Ysart Glass Specials 2 A few Vasart pieces that add to the history.
Ysartnews Newsletters Monart & Vasart collectors club.
Ysart Glass bibliography Any others?
Ian Turner Sale 2003 Article posted before the auction.
Perth Conference 2005 Conference report by Nigel Benson.
Primary reference resources of Ysart related glass
Calendar of Ysart Glass Events by date.
Ysart Glass companies Companies and name spellings.
Ysart Glass people People related to Ysart Glass and name spellings.
Monart catalogues Enhanced original material menu.
Vasart & Strathearn catalogues Researched material menu.
Paul Ysart menu Researched material menu.
Retailer catalogues and photographs Original material menu.
Learning to recognise Ysart glass
Identifying Ysart Glass Glassware Updated 2002
Identifying Ysart Glass Paperweights Updated 2002
Ysart Labels & Signatures How the glass was or was not marked!
Ysart Glassware Base Recognition Pontils & Polishing
Ysart Puzzles Some pieces in the Ysart style that raise questions.
More Puzzles Help appreciated.
Non-Ysart Glass Glass often sold as Monart, to challenge the collector!
Fake Ysart Glassware Glass made to challenge the collector.
Ysart Decoration Styles Sketches to illustrate the most common finishes.
Hearsay Unproven tales related to Ysart glass.

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