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Ysart Glass Specials - Vasart

Concealed in the ‘Special’ pieces of Ysart Glass are small stories that tell us a little about the Ysart men’s private lives, their friends and families, their community and the affection they shared with them through their glass.

The Vincent Ysart Vase
Vasart Glass - The Vincent Ysart Vase 1 Vasart Glass - The Vincent Ysart Vase 2 Vasart Glass - The Vincent Ysart Vase 3
“The Vincent Ysart Vase”
Made by Vincent for his wife Catherine as a birthday gift, during the 1950’s.
8.25" 210mm high.
Andrews Collection
Surface Decorated Vasart
Vasart Glass - Cloissoné types Vasart Glass - Cloissoné types Vasart Glass - Cloissoné types
To date only a few pieces of Vasart and perhaps a dozen Strathearn are known with “surface decoration” (no clear glass outer casing over enamels) making them about the rarest class of post-Monart Ysart glass production. Most are single coloured Cloissoné types, one of the two lamps known contains blue and white. Here they are, the lamp is shown on the Vasart lighting catalogue page as L006 and has the remnants of a Black & Silver label. Nothing else is known about them or when they were produced. However, more have been appearing (2003) and it seems likely that many more will be discovered.
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Original construction
Created by Frank Andrews with help from many collectors
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