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Glass Puzzles 2

Cochran puzzle
Cochran & Co bowl, Glasgow

This piece is marked:
“R. Cochran & Co.”
“St. Rollox Glasgow”
“Domador R.A.C. Marca Registrada”
What is the last line signifying on a Scottish piece of earthenware?

Salvador & Paul Ysart worked at A & R Cochran Limited, St Rollox Glassworks, Glasgow, from 1916 - I believe they went out of business somewhere between 1916 and 1922. I presume they are related companies. I also found a reference to R. Cochran & Co. Glasgow, Scotland c. 1846–1918, manufacturer of earthenware. I can not confirm any of this, nor can I find any other information about A & R Cochran Limited, Glassworks – can you help?

Finally, a partial answer! A & R Cochran built a glasshouse at 52 Tennant Street, Glasgow in 1832. It was also known as the St. Rollox Glass Works and also St Roche? They were principally producing cut engraving of a style peculiar to the glasshouse. (Source: Scottish Glass, A Collector’s Notes, Edinburgh 1958 by Mrs Janet C. Paterson). Remarkably, this survey of Scottish glass completely ignored Moncrieff and other Perth glassworks.

Not Ysart puzzle

Totally unrelated to the rest of the glass on this site I bought it at an antiques fair in the late 1980’s because I just liked it. The piece is unmarked, 9½" 245mm high. Very thick glass and design repeated in three places. It has the feel of good quality and I presume 1950’s. Some wear on the base. Suggestions as to maker and/or country would be appreciated

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