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Many of the original articles are now separated and updated; these are linked from the original position in the newsletter. Please do not rely on the articles still in the newsletters for accuracy, as the other pages on this site have the benefit of more recent research — although many of the errors are now indicated in the newsletters.

These newsletters were produced for a subscribed membership which peaked at over 100 members. Apart from covering Monart Glass, Vasart Glass, Paul Ysart and Strathearn Glass, they also covered Gray-Stan, Schneider, Nazeing and some contemporary work.

The research by the members was used as the basis of this website.

Monart & Vasart Collectors Club Newsletters YSARTNEWS

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Ysartnews 1-  October 1986 cover Ysartnews 2 - February 1987 cover Ysartnews 3 - September 1987 cover Ysartnews 4 - March 1988 cover
Issue 1
October 1986
Issue 2
February 1987
Issue 3
September 1987
Issue 4
March 1988
Ysartnews 5 - January 1989 cover Ysartnews Special - October 1989 front Ysartnews 6 - January 1989 cover
January 1989
October 1989
Issue 6
January 1993
ISSUE 5. Illustrated colours guide. Has not translated to web well!

Shortcut to 1st Monart catalogue pages featured in Issue 5

Sheet 1 Shapes A-Z - Sheet 2 Shapes AA-ZA

Sheet 3 Shapes AB-ZB - Sheet 4 Shapes AC-ZC

Notes: OB and PB are reversed in the second catalogue so only the Internet version of the 2nd catalogue should be used for reference.

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