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Ysart Glass Bibliography

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Books and articles that are important references on Ysart Glass

Ysart Glass

Co-Authors: Andrews, Frank. Clarke, Alison J. Turner, Ian.
Publisher: Volo Editions Limited, London UK (No longer exists)
Copyright: 1990 ISBN No. 0 9514465 1 7
Edition Info: 192 pages 219 colour b/w line. Printed on acid free paper.
Notes: Charles Hajdamach took the job of technical editor on the condition that his editing was accepted. This was quite a humbling experience but the result is a more accurate account. I have tried to adhere to these principles on this website, with the exception of the Ysartnews contents.

British Glass Between the Wars

Co-Authors: Dodsworth, Roger Evans, Wendy. Turner, Ian.
Publisher: Dudley Leisure Services, UK
Copyright: 1987 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 115 pages softcover colour b/w
Notes: Exhibition catalogue, 13 June to 31 August 1987 at Broadfield House Glass Museum, Kingswinford, West Midlands, UK. Articles on Monart, Grey-Stan, James Powell/Whitefriars and others.

Monart: 20th Century Scottish Art Glass - The Post-War Period

Author or Editor: Turner, Ian
Publisher: Antique Collecting Magazine. London
Copyright: 1987 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Vol. 22. No. 5. October 1987
Notes: Incorrectly attributes a 1920's piece of Webb-Corbett glass as Monart.

The Art of the Paperweight: Perthshire

Author or Editor: Selman, Lawrence H.
Publisher: Paperweight Press, Santa Cruz, USA
Copyright: 1983 ISBN No. 0 933756 05 4
Edition Info: 101 pages hardcover 75 colour b/w. Edition of 6000
Notes: Account of Perthshire Paperweights, including an account of Vasart and the Ysart family. Colour photographs illustrate the better part of the Perthshire paperweight range.

Paperweights from Great Britain 1930-2000

Author or Editor: Simmonds, John
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., USA
Copyright: 2000 ISBN No. 0 7643 1074 7
Edition Info: 192 pages colour
Notes: A superbly researched reference work on paperweights, limited number of illustrations.

Scottish and Jacobite Glass

Author or Editor: Fleming, Arnold
Publisher: Jackson & Son, Glasgow, Scotland
Copyright: 1938 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 196 pages b/w. Reprinted 1977 EP Publishing, Yorkshire, UK
Notes: Some doubt as to accuracy. The article on Moncieff’s is a copy of a speech given by Mrs Moncrieff, but here the dates are changed leading to mis-information on the output of Monart glass. Very dated style, but includes two and a half pages on Monart glass with black and white photographs of fifteen pieces including one paperweight. It does, however, give an interesting but brief account of Monart production. Also illustrated: cut glass by Moncrieff’s known as ‘Muslin Glass’.


Author or Editor: Andrews, Frank
Author Notes: Collector, Dealer, Publisher. Publisher of
Publisher: Monart & Vasart Collectors Club, UK
Copyright: 1986 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 6 issues from 1986 to 1991. About 100 copies per issue, stapled, b/w
Notes: Articles on other related glass makers. Issue 1 (1986), 1 colour photograph inserted. Issue 2 (1987), included Gray-Stan. Issue 3 (1987), 20 pages included Schneider. Issue 4 (1988), 24 pages. Issue 5 20 pages (1989), included Nazeing Glass, Issue 6 (1993), 13 pages.

Women Designing: Redefining Design in Britain Between The Wars

Author or Editor: Jill Seddon & Suzette Worden (eds),
Publisher: University of Brighton, UK
Copyright: 1994 ISBN No.
Notes: Article: Vaughan, Michael Thomas ”Scottish Art Glass: Marianne Isobel Moncrieff (1874-1961), Glass Designer“

Books that mention Ysart Glass or similar types of glass

Exposição Vidro Manual/Hand Made Glass Exhibition

Copyright: 1972 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 536 pages 419 b/w
Notes: Catalogue for an international exhibition of contemporary hand-made glass held in Lisbon during June 1972. The Scottish section includes Planet weight by Colin Terris of Caithness Glass, two paperweights and other glass items designed by Angus Sillars of Strathearn Glass. The English section shows items made by Nazeing Glass, paperweights designed by R. Stennett-Wilson for Wedgwood Glass and other items including millefiori ink-bottles by Whitefriars.

Charles Schneider-Charder-Le Verre Français: Glas des Art Déco

Co-Author or Editor: Christiane Waldrich
Publisher: Munich
Copyright: 1987 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Exhibition catalogue
Notes: Well-illustrated catalogue of exhibition of Schneider, Le Verre Français and Charder glass in Munich from 18 September to 28 November 1987. Reproduces pages of shapes and colours from original catalogues.

The Art of Glass (Art Nouveau to Art Deco)

Co-Author or Editor: Arwas, Victor
Author Notes: Dealer, author. UK
Co-Author or Editor: Newell
Publisher: Andreas Papadakis Publisher, UK
Copyright: 1996 ISBN No. 1 901092 00 3
Edition Info: 111 pages 104 colour 40++ b/w line
Notes: Related to an exhibition at Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery, UK. It covers all the artists known, is well illustrated and corrects most of the mistakes that appeared in some of the earlier Arwas books. The information on Monart obviously comes from my contribution.

Old Glass Paperweights - Their Art, Construction & Distinguishing Features

Author or Editor: Bergstrom, Evangeline J.
Publisher: The Lakeside Press, Chicago
Copyright: 1940 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Reprinted 1947 & 48 Crown Publishers, New York & Faber (UK) 132 pages 20 colour 88
Notes: The first edition lists a paperweight with a PY cane as that of an unknown French maker; this was removed in the later edition once it had been identified as the work of Paul Ysart.


Author or Editor: Bedford, John
Publisher: Cassel & Co. Ltd
Copyright: 1968 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 64 pages b/w
Notes: No. 14 in series ‘Collector’s Pieces’. A few lines referring to Ysart family linking Paul Ysart to Vasart.

Le Verre en France d’Emile Gallé à nos Jours

Author or Editor: Bloch-Dermant, Janine
Publisher: Paris
Copyright: 1983 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Obviously does not cover Ysart Glass but one of the best general books on the French glass that had such a profound impact on Salvador Ysart.

The Alloa Glass Works

Author or Editor: Carvel, John L.
Publisher: Authors Edition, T & A Constable Ltd., University of
Copyright: 1953 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 111 pages b/w
Notes: History of the glassworks from 1750 on hand-made paper.

Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom Art Center

Author or Editor: Cloak, E.
Publisher: Studio Vista, London
Copyright: 1969 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 196 pages colour

Paperweights and Other Glass Curiosities

Author or Editor: Elville, E.M.
Publisher: Country Life Ltd
Copyright: 1954 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 132 pages 16 b/w. Reprinted 1957, 1967, 1968 Spring Books Reprinted 1970
Notes: About half devoted to paperweights; some photos including one colour plate of French paperweights. A scholarly text. (Elville E. Paperweights & Other Glass Curiosities Country Life UK, 1957 repr [1954], 116pp + 16pp b/w). A few lines referring to the Ysart family indicating, almost uniquely, that they all produced paperweights.

Made in Czechoslovakia

Author or Editor: Forsythe, Ruth A.
Publisher: Ohio, US
Copyright: 1982 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 72 pages colour. Reprint 1989
Notes: 763 pieces and 37 marks illustrated. No Ysart Glass but illustrates types of glass that have been wrongly attributed to Monart in recent years, see plates 51, 57, 97 and 131 in particular.

Made in Czechoslovakia Book 2

Author or Editor: Forsythe, Ruth A.
Publisher: US
Copyright: 1993 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 96 pages softcover colour b/w
Notes: 672 ceramics, 393 perfume bottles, 71 Marks illust, Peasant Art, Provincial, Deco, Amphora, Maijolica, Lamps, Figures, Lustre, Iridescent, Dinner sets and Kitchenware.

The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights

Author or Editor: Hollister, Paul
Publisher: Clarkson N. Potter, US
Copyright: 1969 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 320 pages softcover 250 colour 140 b/w. Reprinted 197? Bramhall House, New York
Notes: Well illustrated, and good information on techniques. 250 paperweights shown in b/w, 140 in colour. Some minor innacuracies. Approximately 400 words on Paul Ysart and his weights. Source of inaccurate information that Paul Ysart served apprenticeship at St. Louis. But good source on techniques used in making weights.

Glass Paperweights an Old Craft Revived

Author or Editor: Hollister, Paul
Publisher: William Culross and Son Ltd, Coupar, Angus,
Copyright: 1975 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 33 pages colour
Notes: Mostly about the company Perthshire Paperweights. Approximately 300 words on Vasart 1960 to Strathearn 1968.

20th Century Factory Glass

Author or Editor: Jackson, Lesley
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley, London
Copyright: 2000 ISBN No. 1 85732 267 3
Edition Info: 256 pages colour
Notes: Global work with short articles on many glassworks, Monart article consultant was Ian Turner.

The Caithness Collection

Author or Editor: Johnson, Dr. Glenn S.
Copyright: 1981 ISBN No.
Edition Info:
Notes: Mainly about Colin Terris (designer) and Caithness Glass in Scotland. Brief description of Ysart family history, 1981 Photograph of Paul Ysart at Wick. Gives 1938 as the date that Paul began to make paperweights.

A Message About Modern Paperweights

Author or Editor: Jokelson, Paul
Author Notes: Dealer, founder of US Paperweight Collectors Association.
Publisher: US
Copyright: 1971 ISBN No.
Edition Info:

A Message About Modern Paperweights

Author or Editor: Jokelson, Paul
Author Notes: Dealer, founder of US Paperweight Collectors Association.
Publisher: US
Copyright: 1971 ISBN No.
Edition Info:

The History of Glass

Author or Editor: Klein, Dan
Publisher: Orbis, London
Copyright: 1984 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 288 pages hardcover 275 colour, 50 b/w. Reprint 1991 Black Cat. US Edition 1989
Notes: The major developments in the history of glass from its beginnings in Pre-Roman times. Foreward by Robert Charleston, articles by Roger Dodsworth, Grose, Vose, Garner etc. A superb book on glass in general - refers to J Moncrieff of Perth and their 'Schneider like glass!

Liberty Style

Author or Editor: Levy, Mervyn
Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicholson. London
Copyright: 1986 ISBN No.
Edition Info:
Notes: Incorrectly attributes a 1920's piece of Webb-Corbett glass as Monart.

Glass Paperweights

Author or Editor: MacKay, James
Publisher: colspan="6">Ward Lock, London
Copyright: 1973 ISBN No. 0 7063 1102 7
Edition Info: 112 pages hardcover 226 b/w 99 colour. Reprinted 1981 by Ward Lock, UK & Fact On
Notes: Good general guide to the world's paperweights but some inaccuracies. Ysart illustrations. A chapter on Scottish paperweights. The source of inaccurate information that Paul Ysart was of Bohemian parentage.

Glass Paperweights (Letts Collectors' Guides series)

Author or Editor: McCawley, Patricia K.
Publisher: Charles Letts & Co. London
Copyright: 1975 ISBN No. 0 85097 201 9
Edition Info: 71 pages hardcover 55 colour line. Revised 1982 edition, 72 pages printed in Scotland.
Notes: Ysart illustrations. Mentions the Cochran factory in Glasgow. Written by the head of Spink's paperweight department, a noted lecturer and expert on paperweights. High quality with full colour plates showing 55 weights representative of the finest weights, antique and modern, as well as diagrams of canes and cuttings and descriptions of the various factories, their design and colour preferences. The book is well researched and presented. Good general guide but excluding the US.

Collectable Glass, Book 4, British Glass

Author or Editor: Manley, Cyril
Publisher: Wallace-Homestead Book Company, Iowa, US
Copyright: 1968 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Spiralbound colour. Reprinted 1978
Notes: Selections from the Cyril Manley collection. Primarily about Victorian glass but shows weights from later period. Webb, Stevens & Williams, Whitefriars. Also illustrates Monart and Vasart. Seven pieces of Monart and two pieces of Vasart.

Decorative Victorian Glass

Author or Editor: Manley, Cyril
Copyright: 1981 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 128 pages 33 colour. Reprinted 1988 Ward Lock, London
Notes: Well illustrated 443 pieces, one of the best, but with some inaccurate attributions. Coverage extends to the 1930’s. Also illustrates pieces of Monart, Vasart and Strathearn.

Phaidon Guide to Glass

Author or Editor: Mehlman, Felice
Publisher: Phaidon, Oxford, UK
Copyright: 1982 ISBN No.
Edition Info: Reprinted 1985, 1987, Peerage Books ‘The Illustrated Guide to Glass’ 256 pages colour.
Notes: Contains one sentence referring only to Paul Ysart.

Collectors’ Paperweights: Price Guide and Catalog

Author or Editor: SELMAN, L.H. & POPE-SELMAN, L.
Publisher: Paperweight Press, Santa Cruz, USA
Copyright: 1975
Edition Info: 1979 edition 120 pages, 1983 edition 120 pages, 1986 edition 178 pages 393 Colour
Notes: Fairly accurate short account of Paul Ysart & family.

The Story of Edinburgh Crystal

Author or Editor: Woodward, H. W.
Publisher: Dema Glass Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland
Copyright: 1984 ISBN No.
Edition Info: 92 pages hardcover 42 b/w & colour


  • The Parkington Collection. Part 1 16th & 17th October 1997. Part 2 8th April 1998. Auction Catalogues: Christies South Kensington
  • Important Paperweights from the collection of Paul Jokelson. Auction Catalogues: Sotheby’s New York, December 2nd, 1983.


Tatler Magazine September 25 1987, London. Article on paperweights featuring Vasart.
Scottish Home & Country Magazine March 1986. Scottish Women's Rural Institutes, Edinburgh. ‘Glass Blower to the Cabinet Room’ - Monica Sharon. Article concentrating on Vasart and in particular Vincent Ysart. Contains some inaccuracies.
Journal of Glass Studies Page 208, Volume 25, 1983. The Corning Museum of Glass, USA.
Paperweight Collectors Association Annual Bulletins of the Paperweight Collectors Association, USA. Articles on and references to Paul Ysart - 1957, 1958, 1959, 1964, 1971, 1976. ‘Enchanting Paperweights Signed ‘PY’ ’ - Fred A. Nagel, 1968. Photographs of PY weights - 1958, 1974, 1977, 1980.
Scottish Glass 1945 to the Present Day - Brian J.R. Blench.
Glass Circle Paper 151 June 1966. ‘Scottish Glass Houses’ - R. Oddy.
Glass Circle 2 1975.‘The Bathgate Bowl’ - Barbara Morris.

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