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Salvador Ysart at Moncrieff Monart Wedding Gift Set 1947
Salvador Ysart at Ysart Brothers Glass Aerial picture Perth & Moncrieff c.1950
Paul Ysart at Moncrieff Moncrieff Buildings
Paul Ysart at Moncrieff Perth South Harbour c.1930

Paul Ysart at Moncrieff

Edinburgh Exhibition 1947 - Monart & Vasart
Paul Ysart and Harland staff New 2006 Glasgow Exhibition 1949 - Vasart
Vincent Ysart at Vasart Woolworth's Mica Flakes
Retailer Catalogues
Liberty Catalogue 1929 Liberty Catalogue 1930
Liberty Catalogue 1932 Liberty Catalogue 1933
Liberty Catalogue 1934 Liberty Catalogue 1937
Liberty Catalogue 1939 Liberty East & West Catalogue 1926-29 NEW2006
Asprey Catalogue 1989 Any more out catalogues with Monart out there?

No Monart in 1928/9 or 1931/2 Xmas issue.

Maps, Archive & other material
Perth Map 1859 Redrawn 2003
Perth Map 1860 South Harbour Bottleworks  
Perth Map 1860 Inkworks  With photographs of building in 2003
Perth Map 1860 Loretto Court Glassworks  Now a car park!
Perth Map 1913 showing all glassworks  Not completed highlighting
Auction Results 2002 - early 2003 Prices on eBay while eBaywatch was running.
Ysart Glass Book - Price Guide Compiled before the 1990 recession.

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