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Ysart Glass - the companies and their staff.

This page is intended to provide a single point of reference to the companies related to Ysart Glass and its descendants; all other pages will be reviewed against this page.

The list is sequenced by Salvador Ysart’s moves until his death, and then by Paul Ysart’s moves, or chronologically if not directly involving an Ysart. Where a country is not specified for a location, then it is Scotland. Company details are on a Green ground and individuals on a Blue ground, lighter or darker shades are just used for clarity.

Companies on a yellow ground still exist in 2005, in one form or another.

All names and dates without a question mark have been completely validated.

The companies and their staff
Company Person Dates Notes

?, Spain

Salvador Isart c.1888 - 1909 Salvador served apprenticeship.

?, Lyons, France

Salvador Isart 1909 - 1914? Salvador expanding horizons; attracted by the Nancy movement started by Galle.

Schneider Freres et Wolf, Epinay-sur-Seine, France


191? - 1914 Lightbulb manufacturer; Schneider brothers preparing their designs for Art Glass at this time.
Salvador Isart 1914 - 1914 Glassblowing and lightbulb making

Leith Flint Glass Company (Jenkinson’s), Edinburgh
a.k.a. Edinburgh & Leith Flint Glass. Since 1955 known as Edinburgh Crystal Glass Company.


1864 - present? Started in 1864 by a J Thomas at 33 Leith Walk and sold three years later to Alexander D. Jenkinson (1821-80) who relocated to Norton Park in 1876. Purchased by Webb’s Crystal Glass Co, Stourbridge in 1920. Edinburgh Crystal introduced thereafter. Taken over by Crown Group in 1964 and started to relocate, in 1969, to Penicuik, outside Edinburgh. The Norton Works were demolished in the 1970’s. A J H B Miller is reported as owning a glassworks in Norton Place, according to the Scotsman newspaper of 8th August 1866 - is this the same works?
Salvador Ysart 1915 - 1916 Senior Glassblower, teaching lightbulb making.
Paul Ysart 1915 - 1916 Trainee glassblower.

A & R Cochran Limited, St Rollox Glassworks, Glasgow.


? - until closure ? Lightbulbs likely. I cannot find any information about this company. Possibly also a pottery.
Salvador Ysart 1916 - closure Lightbulb making was mechanised c. 1922
Paul Ysart 1916 - closure Trainee glassblower.

John Moncrieff Ltd, North British Glassworks, Perth.


1868 - 1998
Limited company, 1905.
South Street Perth 1868-81.
St. Catherine’s Road, Perth 1881/2-1998. Scientific glass-blowing. Targets for shotgun practice, Monax, Unific, Monart Glass, Paul Ysart paperweights.
1952 owners: David Bennie & Sons Ltd of Glasgow.
During 1980’s the company was owned, at different times, by Hopkinson Holdings, Reed International, The Caradon Group.
Between 150 and 160 people worked at Moncrieff’s in 1962.
In 1989 it was bought by management: Colin Mayor and David Petrie.
1992, bought from receivership by Fuller Investments, chaired by Christopher Lattila-Campbell. The name was changed from John Moncrieff Ltd to “Monax” a brand name for the type of borosilicate glass that was made.
Mrs Lattila-Campbell was very interested in building the art glass side of the business and developed some very innovative uses for old stocks of laboratory ware, milk jars etc. She toured craft fairs with a stand not dissimilar to the Ysart Brothers Glass, “Vasart exhibition” in 1950, see p.34, Ysart Glass.
In December 1995, the company ceased production in Perth, but continued as a trading company.
1998, another management buy-out and the company moved to Inverkeithing, Fife. This company is now known as Monax Glass, still active 2002.
In 2000 a new company, John Moncrieff Limited, was set up with the goal of developing the company to its former status.
John Moncrieff Snr. 1865 - 1899 Founder
John H. E. Moncrieff Jnr. ? - 1933 Son of founder, Chairman until forced to resign in 1933.
? Moncrieff (3) 18? - 1917 Works Manager. Nephew of John M. Sr.
? Moncrieff (4) c.1915 - 1942 Office staff. Son of Moncrieff (3)
? Moncrieff (5) ? - 19? Glassblower. Son of Moncrieff (3)
? Moncrieff (6) ? - 19? Glassblower. Son of Moncrieff (3)
Isobel Moncrieff ? - 1933? Wife of John M. Jnr. Involved in Monart marketing and design. Also involved in “Wedding Gift” design in 1947.
Salvador Ysart 1922 - 1945 Scientific glassblowing. Monax, Monart Glass, Millefiori from 1922, mostly used in objects not weights. The ‘Y’ cane attributed to him (not proven).
Paul Ysart 1922 - 1963 Apprenticeship with father, Salvador. Paperweights from early 1930’s. Monart Glass late 1920’s to 1961. Scientific glassblowing.
Augustine Ysart c.1935 - 1945 Apprenticeship (4 years c.1925?) Monart Glass late c.1935 to 1939. Scientific glassblowing.
Antoine Ysart c.1935 - 1942 Apprenticeship (4 years c.1925?) Monart Glass late c.1935 to 1939. Scientific glassblowing.
Vincent Ysart c.1935 - 1945 Apprenticeship (4 years c.1927?) Monart Glass late c.1937 to 1939. Scientific glassblowing.
John Dickie 1900 - 196? Master Glassmaker.
Jesus Braso 1930’s - ? Scientific glassblowing. Monart?. Made the “Braso” baskets in spare time.
Chic Young 1947 - 1963 Apprenticeship to Paul Ysart. Assistant to Paul Ysart. Glassblower.
Jimmy Walker 19?? - 19?? Chemist involved in Monart Cameo attempts during 1920’s.
T. Kaye 19?? - 1942 Director
John Kaye 1942 - 19?? Director, son of T. Kaye.
W. A. Aslett 19?? - 19?? Director (in 1947)
D. T. Turner 1941 - 19?? Director

Schuster & Wilhelmy Chemische Fabrik.
Reichenbach near Görlitz, OL, Germany (East)

a.k.a. ? Haeubner & Dobschall


1866 - present Suppliers of the coloured enamels used in Monart Glass until 1939. (Paul Ysart’s recollection via Ian Turner, Ysart Glass 1990.)
Founded in 1866 by Mr.F. Wilhelmy and Dr.R. Schuster. Company went through several name changes; VEB Rubinglashuette Reichenbach, Farbglaswerk Reichenbach, known since 1990 as Farbglashütte Reichenbach GmbH
website 2008

Additional data in Haanstra’s book (Miller’s Glass Fact File A-Z) under Reichenbacher p.119.

In the 1930’s-40’s, the grandson of Gustav Haeubner, Mr. Klaus Kügler, took charge of the company after having studied with Prof. Springer. Until the very last days of World War II the company produced glass. An incendiary bomb destroyed part of the roof. Mr. Kügler and his smelter Mr. Herzog managed to save the building. Soon after they had to flee when Russian troups moved into this part of Germany.

After the war, Mr. Kügler started his own plant in West Germany, in Haunstaetten near Augsburg in Southern Germany. With his great expertise in glass-melting techniques, he re-produced the world famous Reichenbach colours. Glass-works the world over could continue to rely on coloured glass from Germany. He added new colours to the production and started a new branch, the Studio-Glasbewegung (Studio Glass Movement). Later he passed on his knowledge to the “Friedrich-Farbglashuette in Neugablonz”.

Klaus Kügler, Haunstaetten, nr. Augsburg, Germany (West).

(Klaus was a former manager of Haeubner & Dobschall of Reichenbach)


c.1946 - present? Suppliers of the coloured enamels used in Monart Glass after the War c.1947. Also supplied Vasart? and Strathearn.

Gilbert Martin Dêpot??
Rue de Paradis, Paris, France.

company ? - 19? Suppliers of the aventurine used in Monart. (Can anyone provide more data?)

Monish Glass Machine Company Ltd.


193? - 19? A company set up by Moncrieff to market and develop the “Monish” bottle making machines and other glass mechanisations.

Ysart Brothers Glass, Shore Works, Perth.

renamed 1956 Vasart Glass Limited, Shore Works, Perth.

In 1965 taken over by Teacher’s Whisky and re-located to Crieff. New company name Strathean Glass.


1946 - 1956
1956 - 1964
Vasart Glass, Vasart Paperweights. Pirelli Glass decorating contracts from 1949. Teacher’s Whisky bottle ashtrays.
Salvador Ysart 1946 - 1955 Vasart Glass. It is not known if he retired prior to his death.
Augustine Ysart 1946 - 1956 Vasart Glass. Paperweights.
Vincent Ysart 1946 - 1964 Vasart Glass. Paperweights, weight decorated objects, gearstick knobs, Teacher’s Whisky bottle ashtrays.
Catherine Ysart 1946 - 1964 Wife of Vincent. Employed to help packing, signing and setting-up weight cane layouts.
Bob Wishart 1946 - ? Duties unknown.
Harry Lever 1946 - ? Duties unknown.
Boy, name unknown 1946 - ? Duties unknown.
(Robert) George Dunlop 1956 - 1964 Director. Helped Vincent to set-up and run the limited company. May have been involved as early as 1949.
Joe Dickson c. 1956 - ? Grinder.
Jack Allan 1948 - 1964 Glassblower.
Albert Jolly 19? - 19? Glassblower. (c. 1961)
Andrew Moncrieff 19? - 19? Glassblower. (c. 1961)
Stuart Drysdale 1960 - 1964 Lawyer, hired to manage company. Became director in 1961.
Pat Allan c.1956 - ? Wife of Jack. Finisher and paperweight assembler.
Nelly Reed c.1956 - ? Finisher and paperweight assembler.
Jesus Braso 1963 - 1963 Came out of retirement to help Vasart with Downing Street shades. See Purdue article
Dave Moir 1954 - 1964 Apprentice to Master Glassmaker.

Wengers Limited, Etruria, Stoke on Trent, England.
Now known as Potterycraft Ltd.
Wengers logo pottery & glass enamel suppliers


1870 - present Manufacturers of Colours, Chemicals, Glazes, Minerals and materials for the Pottery, Tile, Brick, Glass and Vitreous Enamelling Industries; founded by Mr Albert Francis Wenger in Cobridge, then Hanley and Etruria 1900. Suppliers of the coloured enamels used in Vasart after the War c.1946. Incorporated: T Brougham, est. 1820; T. Phillips, Est. 1860; W S Toplass, Est. 1841 and T Aidney & Co., Est. 1855.
The earlier rumours that Vasart used colours for tiles probably arose from someone hearing about this company and not realising that they used to supply glass colours. For glass they supplied: colours (Transparent, Opaque and Grisaille) for firing on glass at temperatures of 500-600 degrees Celsius, iridescent preparation, silver stain.

Strathearn Glass Ltd, Crieff.


1964 - 1980 Subsidiary company of William Teacher & Sons Ltd. Decorative glass-ware and paperweights. Set up in 1964 started manufacture January 1965.
Vincent Ysart 1965 - 1965 Glass. Paperweights.
(Robert) George Dunlop 1965? - 19?? Managing Director in 1977?
Stuart Drysdale 1965 - 1968 Lawyer, and Founder.
Jack Allan 1965 - 1968 Glassblower, designer, paperweight maker.
John Deacons 1968 - 1978 Trainee/apprentice?
Glassmaker and paperweight maker.
Alasdair C. Gordon 1973 - 1980 Engraver. Trained under Helen Monroe-Turner graduating in 1957. Set up his own engraving studio at Strathearn.
Angus C. M. Sillars 1964 - 1980 Designer,
Design Director.
Herbert Dreier 19?? - 1980 Master Craftsman. 1981 Stuart Crystal, 1997 Stuart & Sons, Plowden & Thompson 2001-
Chic Young 1969 - 1973 Glassblower
Dave Moir 1965 - 1980 Master Glassmaker, from 1968 Head Glassblower Strathearn Glass
R. M. Teacher 1964 - 19?? Chairman. Also Chairman of Teacher & Sons
A. K. Bergius 1964 - 19?? Director. Also Director of Teacher & Sons
G. T. Dunlop 1964 - 19?? Director. Also Director of Teacher & Sons.
Sheona Wilson c.1980 Engraver continued Alasdair Gordon's studio after he emigrated.

Paul Ysart Paperweights ?company name?, Harland.


1971 - 1975 Paperweights with ‘PY’ cane for US; ‘H’ cane and unsigned weights for UK market.
Robert ‘Bert’ Gunn 1971 - 1975 Financed Paul Ysart at Harland.
Louise Gunn 1971 - 1975 Daughter of Robert Gunn, Part-time packer.
Paul Ysart 1971 - 1975 Paperweight maker. “Father of the Modern Paperweight” (Jointly with Charles Kaziun)
William Manson 1971 - 1974 Completing apprenticeship to Paul Ysart. Assistant to Paul Ysart. Weights with WM cane ??

Paul Ysart Glass Limited, Harland (2).


1975 - 1982 Paperweights with ‘PY’ cane exclusively for Paul Jokelson USA, ‘H’ cane and unsigned weights for UK market. Company was formed on 1st May 1975 in Edinburgh, No 57842. In August 1975 shares were issued to Paul Jokelson, Paperweight importer living in the USA (25); Edmond Rottemborg, a French industrialist living in Paris (25); Paul Lorraine, a retired Britain living in Paris (25); Paul Ysart (24), Margaret Ysart (1). Sales in 1976 were 15,763 and a net loss of 15,321 was reported for that year. A loan of 23,590.52 was made by Paul Jokelson. Company dissolved 3rd December, 1982. Production ceased in 1979 when Paul Ysart retired. Equipment sold to Peter Holmes of Selkirk Glass in 1981.
Paul Ysart 1975 - 1979 Paperweight maker. “Father of the Modern Paperweight” (Jointly with Charles Kaziun)
David Hurry 1975 - 1979 Apprentice Paperweight maker.

Highland Paperweights Limited, Harland (3).


1977 - 1979 Paperweights with ‘H’ cane and unsigned weights for UK market.
Paul Ysart 1977 - 1979 Paperweight maker. “Father of the Modern Paperweight” (Jointly with Charles Kaziun)

Pirelli Glass Ltd, Potters Bar, UK.


1945 - 1985 Scientific glass, Lampwork animals; marketing of glass and pottery including Vasart glass and paperweights. Some sold under Pirelli name. Company wound up in 1983, liquidated in 1985. Subsidiary of Hertford China and Glass Industries Limited.
(Robert) George Dunlop 1945 - 19?? Director, Scientific glassmaker.
John Henry Hollingdale 1945 - 19?? Director, Scientific glassmaker.
Brian John Dunlop 19?? - 198? 1968 Managing Director. Son of George Dunlop.
Edward H. C. Maughan 194? - 19?? Glassmaker (1948).
Edward Robbins 194? - 19?? Glassmaker (1948).
William Michael Dunlop 194? - 19?? Glassmaker, Jig and Pattern maker (1948).

Caithness Glass Ltd, Perth.


1960 - present Decorative glassware and paperweights.

Since 2003, Wick closed and taken over by Edinburgh Crystal

Lord Thurso (Robin Sinclair) 1960 - 19?? Founder.
Graeme (or Graham) Brown ? - 1979 Managing Director c1966-79.
Ron Hutchinson 19?? - 1977 Sales Manager.
Colin Terris MBE 1968 - 2002 (retired) Engraver 1968. Designer 1970.
Peter Holmes 1969 - 1977 Trainee 1969. Head of Paperweight team 1975. Making Jewellery c1970-c1977
Philip Holmes 19?? - 1978 Paperweight maker. Brother of Peter.
John Deacons 196? - 1968 Trainee/Apprentice?.
Jack Allan 1974 - 19?? Glassblower, designer, paperweight maker. Designed “Flowers in the Rain” for Caithness.
William Manson 1966 - 1970 AND 1981 - 1997 Trainee, apprentice to Paul Ysart. Weights with ‘WM’ cane 1991-97
David McGregor 19?? - 1978 Paperweight maker.
Herbert Dreier 1963 - 196? Glassblower. 19?? Strathearn Glass, Master Craftsman.
1981 Stuart Crystal, 1997 Stuart & Sons, Plowden & Thompson 2001-
Allan Scott 1983 - 2007 Lampworker/Designer
Chic Young 1963 - 1969 Glassblower
Franco Toffolo 1981 - 2002 Italian Master glassmaker. Worked on glassware including Ysart style glassware. See entry here

Perthshire Paperweights Ltd, Crieff.


1968 - 2002 Paperweights and some decorative glassware.
Stuart Drysdale 1968 - 1990 Lawyer. Founder.
Neil Drysdale 19?? - 20?? son of Stuart. Manager.
Jack Allan c.1968 - 1974 Glassblower, designer, paperweight maker. Made “Witches Ball” a one-off weight at Perthshire (see Paperweights from Gretat Britain, Simmonds).
John Deacons 1968 - 1978 Trainee/Apprentice?. Glassmaker/paperweight maker
Allan Scott 1975 - 1979 Apprentice and Lampworker
Peter McDougall 1968 - 2001 Paperweights and Glassware
Chic Young 1973 - 19?? Glassblower
Angus Hutchinson 1968 - 19?? Lampworker
Duncan Smith 19?? - 19?? Lampworker
Roy McDonald 1968? - 19?? Paperweights
Anton Moravic 1968? - 19?? Paperweights
John Parsley 19?? Paperweights
Alan Tilman c1969? - 19?? Designer?

Selkirk Glass Ltd.


1977 - present Paperweights and some decorative glassware.
Peter Holmes 1977 -  Founder. Important paperweight maker, signature cane ‘PH’. Master craftsmen. Glassware.
Ron Hutchinson 1977 - ? Founder. Sales & Marketing.
Philip Holmes 1978 - ?? Paperweight maker.
David Gulland 19?? - ? Role not known.
David McGregor 1978 - ? Paperweight maker.
James McBeath 19?? -  Paperweight maker.

Jay Glass (Ltd?).


1978 - 1983 Paperweights and some decorative glassware. Most weights were miniatures in editions of 100 or less.
John Deacons 1978 - 1983 Founder. Important paperweight maker, signature canes ‘J’, ‘JD’ & ‘STK’. Some glassware.
Allan Scott 1979 - 1983 Lampworker, designer. ‘A’ signature cane

John Deacons Paperweights.


c1984 - present Paperweights and some decorative glassware.
John Deacons 1978 - 1983 Founder. Important paperweight maker, signature canes ‘J’, ‘JD’ & ‘STK’. Some glassware.
Franco Toffolo 2002 - 20?? Retired Master glassmaker. Using John Deacons facilities c2002, occasional Ysart style glassware.

William Manson Paperweights, Kilwinning.


1979 - 1981 Paperweights.
William Manson 1979 - 1981 Founder. Paperweight maker. Glassmaker.
Graeme Brown 1979 - 1981 Role?

Stuart Strathearn, Crieff.


1980 - 200? Decorative glassware. Lead Crystal engraving.
Herbert Dreier 1980 - 1997 Master Craftsman. 1997 Stuart & Sons, Wales.

William Manson Paperweights, Perth.


1997 - 2004 Paperweights. ‘Manart’ glassware.
William Manson 1997 - 2004 Founder. Important paperweight maker, glass maker.
William Manson (Junior) 1997 - 2004 Son of founder, paperweight maker, glass maker.
Edited by Mary Houston-Lambert


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