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These pages are not intended to be a comprehensive listing but give an impression of the range produced by Paul Ysart and in some cases possibly Salvador Ysart. These Paul Ysart catalogues are largely the work of site contributors. Kevin Holt’s research is shown on his site, linked below.

Paul Ysart

“The Father of the Modern Paperweight”
Paul Ysart & His Paperweights

by Alison J. Clarke, March 1988

Brochure for Paul Ysart Moncrieff period paperweight brochure New Sept 2005
Kevin Holt’s website PY and Vasart weights. Off site, opens in a new window.
Paul Ysart catalogue overview Overview includes signature canes
Labelled P/Y No. 1-? Moncrieff Monart paperweight design codes -1963
PY1001-PY1020 Moncrieff Period 1922-1963
   With and without signature cane.
PY2001-PY2020 ‘PY’ The Post-Moncrieff Period 1963-1979
   Caithness and Paul's studio at Harland 1963-1979
PY3001-PY3020 ‘H’ Cane
PY4001-PY4020 Unsigned by Paul Ysart
   No certain period 1930’s-1979
Type 1 PYfake001-020 ‘PY’ Fakes type 1 and 2. 1988-90’s
Type 2 PYfake101-120
Stones 1-66 ‘PY’ Stones
Monart Millefiori canes Canes used in Monart glassware. 1922-1963
Ysart Labels & Signatures Paperweights and glassware

Overview Jewellery

Paul Ysart - Caithness Jewellery
   Colin Terris, Peter Holmes, Debbie Tarsitano
   John Deacons & Caithness staff.
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Paul Ysart - Paperweights by Type
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