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This page is for the first-time visitor, as a guide to the bewildering mass of over 200 pages that make up this website. Just follow each of the links in turn to get through the story of Ysart Glass in a logical way. Please note that many of the articles are currently in draft form and subject to editing during, May, June and July.

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The first group of links takes you to the main stories on Ysart Glass, covering the glassware and paperweights.

  1. Monart Glass Article
  2. Vasart Glass Article
  3. Paul Ysart Article
  4. Strathearn Glass Article
  5. Calendar of Ysart glass, a list of events in date sequence
  6. Some pieces of Ysart Glass that have a special history, larger pictures than most pages.

This group of links takes you to the information you need to recognise the glass.

  1. Identifying Ysart Glass part one, the glassware
  2. Identifying Ysart Glass part two, the paperweights
  3. The Labels & and other Marks found on the glass
  4. The different base-types found in the glass
  5. Line drawings to help recognise the different decoration styles used on Ysart Glass
  6. Glass that is often, wrongly, described as Ysart Glass
  7. Glass that is made deliberately to fool Ysart collectors
  8. The story about fake Paul Ysart paperweights
  9. And of course you need to study the catalogues!

The most valuable parts of this site are found in the different catalogues. Paperweight catalogues may be rearranged during 2002 because of ongoing research, but the glass codings will remain fixed. This is one area where even the new collector can join in by submitting new shapes or colour pictures to replace current black and white pictures. Currently, April 2002, about 25 collectors and dealers have made contributions either of pictures or new research. Some of them are listed on the Contributors page; if there is a link they are happy to receive e-mails from other collectors. 2007 well over 100 contributors!

The Monart catalogue has no overview; each page contains twenty-six shapes

  1. The first page of the Internet Monart Catalogue, shapes A to Z
  2. Hand blown designs varied over time; those variations that we have found and help to match a piece to a code are included in each shape. Occasionally wrong shapes were marked on labels; these are not documented as they could have been caused by label transfer.
  3. Pre-War Monart had a colour code on the base, and, here is the first page of the these.
  4. There was never a Vasart catalogue; this one was first built in the early 1990’s. Since expanded, this overview pages leads you into the Internet Vasart Catalogue - still growing.
  5. This overview introduces the signature canes used by Paul Ysart in his paperweights
    Most of the research into Ysart paperweights is being coordinated by KevH and you will find links to his site in various places.
  6. Strathearn shares many common shapes with Vasart; non-Vasart shapes will be covered in separate pages. The paperweights are covered in “Strathearn Paperweights”.

The study of Ysart Glass is enhanced by making comparisons with other Ysart contemporary glassmakers. The Ysart family trained many young glass-makers and influenced others, some of whom now make glass in the Ysart tradition. Others have creatively developed the style further.

  1. Glass makers contemporary with Ysart: Schneider Glass, Gray-Stan Glass, Nazeing Glass, Pirelli Glass.
  2. Glass makers who also followed the Ysart tradition: Perthshire Paperweights, John Deacons, William Manson. Also Caithness and Selkirk Glass.

General Site information.

  1. Books on Glass A growing bibliography on glass. Sorry no search facilities yet.
  2. Contributors to this site
  3. Links to Ysart-related and other glass resources on the Internet
  4. Who is Frank Andrews, a brief biography on the facilitator of this site (Coming soon)

All of the above pages, and many more, are reached through a table on the main index page.

I am always happy to answer your questions about your glass and the Ysart family. The link to make contact via the forum is at the top of every page.

You may notice the use of ‘Copyleft’ on many of the pages on this site. This allows other writers or web site owners to use material on Copyleft pages in their own books and sites, providing the website address is given as the source and there is no re-copyright of the shared material. The idea behind Copyleft is to encourage the pooling of information and peer review. I do not presume that everything I write here is correct and I am open to make changes if more accurate data is sent to me. Also, many of the pictures are provided by other collectors who wish to help this site become the best definitive source on the Internet. Hopefully the site will stimulate new research for addition to the pool. It does not have to be significant as every new item of information is valuable.

Look at this site as a Club of Collectors, that is free from annual subscription renewals. Users and contributors can remain anonymous or contact others through the Contributors page.

The site is created for the benefit of all collectors of Ysart Glass. It is the result of the sharing of information by many collectors and a few dealers.

Edited by Mary Houston-Lambert

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