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Paul Ysart Catalogue Overview

by Frank Andrews with input from Kevin Holt and others

Edited by Mary Houston-Lambert

This catalogue has been prepared on loosely chronological lines and also by design. As research refines understanding of the different periods there may be some changes in this structure. Please check Kevin Holt’s comments at the end of this page.

Moncrieff Period 1922-1963

Paul Ysart worked at Moncrief. Unsigned weights of this period may have been made by his father.

Moncrieff weights with original design numbers
Moncrieff weights - PY cane or unsigned PY1001-20
Moncrieff weights - PY cane or unsigned PY1021-40

The Post-Moncrieff Period 1963-1979

Caithness and Paul's studio at Harland 1963-1979.

Post Moncrieff - PY Cane PY2001-20
Post Moncrieff - PY Cane PY2021-40
Post Moncrieff - H Cane PY3001-20

No certain period 1930's-1979

Weights that are probably not Monart period are in this section; it is possible that some weights were made by one of the other Ysarts. If anyone can identify these weights as coming from the Moncrieff or Harland and Caithness periods, please let me know and I will move them.

Post Moncrieff - Unsigned PY4001-20

Other categories

Caithness, Paul Ysart and related Jewellery PY5001-

Cuff-links and Tie-pins

Paul Ysart Stones: ‘Cane samples’

FAKES with PY cane type I
FAKES with PY cane type II

Additionally, themed pages for fish, butterflies etcetera are included that cover all periods.

Also see the Photos Menu

‘PY’ P101 ‘PY’ P102 ‘PY’ P201 ‘PY’ P202 ‘PY’ P203 ‘H’ P301
Paul Ysart Signature Cane Paul Ysart Signature Cane 2 Paul Ysart Signature Cane 3 Paul Ysart Signature Cane 4 Paul Ysart Signature Cane 5 Paul Ysart H Signature Cane

PY2017 ? Was this a Moncrieff weight?

Used at Moncrieff. PY1008.

Used at Caithness. PY2009.

Used at Caithness. PY2014.

Squashed in PY2003. Weight signed.

Used in Paul's Harland studio.

‘PY’ S01 ‘PY’ S02
Paul Ysart Signature Paul Ysart Signature 2

Found on PY2028. Signatures were added for visitors, not to identify weights.

Found on PY2003

Kevin Holt suggested categories

Has suggested that an ideal solution may be to group as below. Because this would create too many uncertainties it is not possible to organise this site in this way, so please bear these comments in mind when using my paperweight pages. Where it is possible to categorise a weight more precisely this will be noted in each weights caption.

  1. Paul Ysart 1930s (early Monart)
  2. Paul Ysart 1940s-1963 (later Monart)
  3. Paul Ysart 1963-1970 (Caithness)
  4. Paul Ysart 1970-1979 (Harland, Paul Ysart Paperweights, Highland)
  5. Salvador Ysart (early Monart and Ysart Brothers)
  6. Ysart Brothers (General, 1946-1955)
  7. Vasart (1956-1964)

KevH also points to the issues raised by this ordering:

  • The groupings actually mix two category types: “Company” and “Person”
  • For ‘Vasart’ should this be all of 1946 to 1964 or should there be a separation into ‘Ysart Brothers’ and ‘Later Vasart’?
  • Where should unsigned, but likely Salvador Ysart, items be placed? In most cases we do not know whether these were 1930’s period ‘Monart’ or ‘Ysart Brothers’ period.
  • The ‘Person’ groupings of ‘Paul Ysart unmarked’ and ‘Paul Ysart PY’ actually span all of Paul’s career. Even some Harland (‘H’ cane) weights were unmarked!


Created by with help from many collectors
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