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Perthshire Paperweights (1968-2002)


The history of this company to 1975 is well documented in Selman, The Art of the Paperweight, Perthshire. 1983 Paperweight Press, California. ISBN 0 933756 05 4.

This page is intended to cover the glassware they produced. First fragments, more to come.

Perthshire Paperweights have in recent years, 1980's, been reproducing Monart and Vasart style pieces, including tulip and mushroom lamps. In most cases the colours are of a completely different nature and should give no cause for confusion. The bases of the reproductions occasionally have pontils and are frequently marked with a vague impressed 'P'. A quantity of 'seconds' lamps without fittings were sold by Perthshire Paperweights to an antique dealer for export to Spain, but these subsequently reappeared in Great Britain with the addition of old fittings and were described as Vasart. The reproductions have a drilled hole or a channel ground into the base to accommodate the electric flex, unlike the original lamps which are described on page 37. However, some vases are being made with a flower incorporated into the design, adding a new dimension to the style that is unique to Perthshire Paperweights. All these pieces are being made by Charles 'Chic' Young who had worked as an assistant to Paul Ysart at Moncrieff's. (Frank Andrews from Ysart Glass 1990).

Other workers made the occasional piece in the Ysart style but not as production. (2006)

Perthshire Paperweights label
Pertshire Paperweights Label
Perthshire Paperweights bowl by Peter McDougall

It is now known that Peter McDougall also made pieces in the Ysart style, here is an example formerly from the collection of Stuart Drysdale.

Group of Perthshire Paperweights glassware.


Vase with lampwork flower

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