Ysart Related Sites


scotlandsglass.co.uk Sister site, many parts of Ysart Glass .com will relocate there.
not available www.kevh.glass.btinternet.co.uk Best for Ysart paperweights KevH (Kevin Holt)
strathearn.smugmug.com Richard More's research into mainly Strathearn paperweights. Also covering Vasart.
colinterris.co.uk Colin Terris wss one of the most important names in Scottish Glass, here he shared first hand accounts of his career
scottishbordersartglass.com Peter Holmes trained under Paul Ysart and has gone on to become one of Scotland's top paperweight artists.
jmoncrieff.co.uk John Moncrieff Ltd back in action thanks to Scott Gilmore
No site Monax Glass Ltd, Inverkeithing, (Link not working www.monax-glass.com). Company descendant of John Moncrieff Ltd. Changed name to Monax circa 1994. Manufacture and supply of glassware for industrial, scientific and engineering purposes. Pressed and blown heat resistant glass. Sight glass and light fittings.
caithnessglass.co.uk Caithness Glass still going under ownership of Dartington Crystal
tarsitanopaperweights.com Debbie Tarsitano. Lampwork and paperweight artist who often collaborated with Paul Ysart
No site William Manson. Glassmaker and paperweight artist who was an apprentice to Paul Ysart and also worked at Harland. Closed his own studio in 2004 and is now working alongside John Deacons.
nazeing-glass.com Nazeing Glass 1930's production related to Ysart glass stylistically. also see them at Glass Online
schneiderglass.com A new site (2004) dedicated to Schneider Glass.
Dunc Smith Former Perthshire Paperweights Head Lampworker Duncan Smith now has his own studio in Perth.

Dealers with a specialist interest in Ysart Glass

Nigel Benson Reliable and knowledgable dealer for Monart, Vasart and related glassware
The Paperweighter Susan Myers, dealer, collector and site contributor. Lots of Scottish weights for sale and a good collection of bar tools displayed.
scotglass.com Scot Glass - Dealer site including Ysart glass.
celtic-antiques.com Celtic Antiques, Scottish dealer that carries Ysart glass.
circaglass.co.uk Paul Bishop - Dealer including Ysart glass
paperweightsplus.com Steve & Peggy Burke, paperweight dealers with a strong Scottish bias. Particularly living artists.

Other Scottish Glass Sites

Scottish Glass Society The Society, formed in 1979, was established to promote the development of the art and craftsmanship of glass making in its many variations in Scotland. Our aim is to advance the public appreciation of glass making as an art form.
victorianweb.org Brief article on Christopher Dresser glass.
glasgow1938.com Scottish exhibition history

Glass Societies

Cambridge Paperweight Circle P O Box 941, Comberton, Cambridge PDO, CB3 7GQ, ENGLAND
The Glass Association UK collectors society
Association for the History of Glass UK glass history society

Useful Glass Sites

glasslinks.yobunny.org.uk Super glass links site.
glass.co.nz Angela Bowey's Glass Museum On-Line.
great-glass.co.uk Great Glass UK, a mass of information. My most frequently visited site. Also contributor to this site.
xs4all.nl/~abel/ From a Dutch collector Ivo Haanstra: Author of Millers "Glass Facts File A-Z"
Cloudglass.com Cloudglass.com, Another rapidly growing site that covers Cloud Glass in great depth.
Whitefriars.com Great new (2003) site for Whitefriars glass.
History site Phoenix Glassware, short article on the British Heat Resisting Glass Co who produced the Phoenix range mentioned in the Nazeing article.
decorative-antiques.co.uk Decorative Antiques; specialising in Art Deco glass and ceramics.
Justglass.co.uk Art Glass and Paperwights
justglass-online.com Just Glass Online On-line glass magazine.
1st.glassman.com Great site by glass dealer Tony Hayter. Includes a superb tool for deciphering registration lozenges on glass.
yesterdays-treasures US web shop run by a glass collector. Susan Barnes shop often has items of Ysart glass. eBay ID susu46.
stonegallery.co.uk Paperweight dealer
Paperweights Halftail's Paperweights - Often has Ysart and other Scottish weights on offer.
Paperweights Old & New Very interesting German site that includes Scottish weights as well as modern artist work.
Collector site. Great collection of Loetz, Czech and Bohemian Art Glass
collectorsregistry.com The Collectors Registry. While there you could vote on the the ysartglass site, listed on last page of glass and on ‘Cool Sites’ which I thought was nice of them.
collectorsweekly.com The Collectors Weekly, a resource for collectors and people who love antiques. Our goal is to build a great place to explore and learn about collecting, and a showcase for the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere. Link to art glass section..
Glasshound Blair Trottier’s site with good range of glass and often Ysart glass.
The National Glass Collectors Fair (UK) Britain’s leading antique and collectable glass fair – With a wide choice of glassware, from 18th Century drinking glasses through to modern Studio Glass.

Bottle sites

antique-bottles.net Bottle Forum, new in 2002
thebottledump.co.uk Bottle Bill’s bottle dump, very interesting site.
Dan Gilbert Bottle site with lots of info.


terrific.net/artglass a-z of artglass
njmgallery.com Artglass USA
studioglass.co.uk Czech & Slovak glass (UK)

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