Articles on John Moncrieff Ltd.

North British Glassworks

John Moncrieff Limited - non Monart production.
Modern Brochure Moncrieff Company Brochure 1970’s-80’s.
John Moncrieff history Now on Scotland's Glass.
Article by Frank Andrews and Mary Houston-Lambert.
Newpaper article about Moncrieff From the Perthshire Advertiser, 1921.
Ink Products Moncrieff Ink bottles and related items.
Gauge Glasses Moncrieff’s Gauge Glass and related items.
Laboratory Products Moncrieff laboratory glassware.
Monart Glassware Monart catalogue menu.
Other Products Moncrieff Target Balls, Bottles, Friggers.
Monish Bottles John Moncrieff’s bottle making machinery.
John Moncrieff’s Medals From various International Expositions.
Advert c. 1900 Inks and Gauge Glass.
Building photographs Various Moncrieff buildings.
Moncrieff Trademarks/Labels/Marks on Scotland's Glass
Page 205206207208209 (Using) US Agent Jenkins Bros. 1933 gauge glass listings.
Retailer catalogues and photographs Original material menu. Map of 1865.
The Little Red Book Original John Moncrieff material.
Staff Handbook from 1970’s Original John Moncrieff material.
1970’s? Monax Laboratory Catalogue Original John Moncrieff material.
Unific Catalogue 1970’s Original John Moncrieff material.
1970’s? Monax Gauge Glass Catalogue Original John Moncrieff material.
John Moncrieff Limited - Patents.
UK No 320033 Germany No 522499 France No 669979
UK No 320034 UK No 336883 UK No 365514
UK No 542677 UK No 542818 UK No 547611 UK No 547612
Germany No 2
France No 730194 France No 940874
US No 1792386 US No 1816982 US No 1825082 US No 1903223
US No 2376298

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