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Moncrieff’s Laboratory Products

Laboratory glassware was produced from the outbreak of world war 1 until 1996.
Moncrieff glass Scheibler Pattern Desiccator 6 inch

6" (125mm) internal diameter , 8" (205mm) external diameter x 10" (255mm) high.

Scheibler Pattern Desiccator

Made in various sizes, note different knob shapes. Circular inscription "Moncrieff - Perth - Made in Scotland."

Moncrieff glass Scheibler Pattern Desiccator 5 inch

5" (125mm) internal diameter , 7" (180mm) external diameter x 8" (205mm) high.

Moncrieff glass laboratory glassware

Retort marked MONAX 250, 14" (360mm) overall length.

Moncrieff glass laboratory glassware

Marked Moncrieff

No other markings

10" (255mm) high.

Moncrieff glass large laboratory bottle

Marked Moncrieff
Large 10 litre bottle,
17"high, 8"diameter.

Moncrieff laboratory glass mark.

Typical mark seen on Moncrieff laboratory glassware.

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