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Moncrieff’s Gauge Glass from Jenkins Bros 1933 Catalogue

Moncrieff Glass / Jenkins, Label 1

Jenkins Brothers were a US manufacturer of Valves, Mechanical Rubber Goods and US agents for Moncrieff Scotch Gauge Glasses. The following price lists for Gauge Glasses is from 5 pages taken from their 1933 catalogue. Jenkins took over the agency for Moncrieff from Rogers in 1925 and continued until c.1939.

Jenkins Brothers were founded in 1864 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and in 1933 they also had another manufacturing plant in Lachine Canada.

Moncrieff Glass / Jenkins, Label 2

Moncrieff Scotch Gauge Glasses

For More Than Three-Quarters of a Century

The name Moncrieff needs no introduction to users of Gauge Glasses. It has been favorably known throughout the world for more than 80 years.

Moncrieff Scotch Gauge Glasses are procurable through distributors wherever steam is used. Jenkins Bros. is the sole agent for them in the United States and its possessions.

The special studies and methods of manufacture of Gauge Glasses employed by John Moncrieff, Ltd. (The North British Glass Works of Perth, Scotland) have made them famous for their toughness and clearness under the most difficult conditions and services.

Years of experience, experimentation and service have resulted in the manufacture and production of glasses suitable for modern high pressure steam boilers. Each of these glasses is the product of skilled hand work and is made by artisans whose forefathers were skilled in their art. These modern glasses will withstand all accepted tests. They will give long, effective service, and, above all, safety to workers.

Etched upon each glass is the maker's name. None is genuine unless so marked. It is important to insist upon these glasses, for Moncrieff Scotch Gauge Glasses are the only gauge glasses actually made in Scotland.

These glasses are imported by us direct from Scotland. At the factory they are wrapped in packages of a half dozen glasses of a size, and the size is labeled on the end of each package, making them most satisfactory for stock purposes. The Moncrieff brands include: Perth, for steam pressures to 150 pounds; Unific for steam pressures to 500 pounds; Monamel, for steam pressures to 400 pounds; prismatic gauge glasses, lubricator glasses, gauge glass strips and panels.

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