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Pirelli Glass Ltd. is best known for their involvement with Vasart and Strathearn as well as for their sets of Guinness animals, However, they also manufactured a range of lamp work animals. All of the labels found are shown together in the article. Pirelli also did a lot of transfer decoration work on bought-in glassware - some of this work was given to Vasart too.

This catalogue is the first attempt to show the work that they produced. I have not yet seen enough labelled examples to provide clues to identifying unlabelled examples.

What we see in this catalogue shows the breadth of their design range, with the emphasis being more on humour than accuracy.

Pirelli Glass Limited

Potters Bar, UK. 1945-1983

Pirelli Glass Article

by Frank Andrews, March 2003

The Guinness Animals

Sets of five in two sizes

1. Birds, fowl.

Normal production series

2. Cats, Dogs.
3. Wild Animals, Marine.
Possible Pirelli Animals Sharing common techniques?
Glassware Decoration 1 Transfer printed bought in glassware.

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