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Ysart Glass - Errata & Additions

This page is simply to record and correct errors that were printed
in the first edition of the book Ysart Glass in 1990.

  • Page 3. L2:
    Colin Major misspelt should be Colin Mayor.
  • Page 13. Column 2, L3:
    David Bernie and Sons Ltd, misspelt should be David Bennie and Sons Ltd.
  • Page 19. “Labels and their codes” Paragraph 3 and 4:
    Ian refers to the label in Plate 2, page 51, which appears on this site as Ware label W2 - in fact, Ian was talking about ware label W3 an example of which he has provided. See the Ysart Labels & Signatures page for currently known labels.
  • Page 20. L2:
    Schüster & Wilhelm now known to be Schuster & Wilhelmy
    see also Companies page for further details of the company.
  • Page 32. L2:
    Willie Mansen mispelt should be Manson. aka William Manson Snr.
    see also William Manson page.
  • Page 35. L14:
    Jack Allen mispelt should be Allan, ditto Pat Allan - all subsequent mentions are also incorrect with the ‘e’ instead of ‘a’.
    see also Caption image page 37, P.37 col 2. line 13. P.38 line 2. & footnote 8. P.41 1957 entry.
  • Page 72/73, Plate 54
    This is a variant on shape N, not RD See here.
  • Page 72/73, Plate 56
    This piece would appear to not be Monart making the description incorrect. A similar piece was seen in the 1990's with a ‘Made in France’ mark.
  • Page 100. Plate 97 caption states colour code is 128, it is actually 28.
  • Page 128. Additional information.
    Plate 142: Another weight a Dragonfly has been seen with the label code P/W No. 21
  • General.
    Incorrect spelling of Isobel Moncrieff - it is not IsAbel

Ysart Glass - New Information/Updates

John Moncrieff was forced to resign as Chairman in 1933, as a condition of additional financial support from the British Linen Bank. His shares were compulsorily acquired in what was, in effect, a takeover of the company. New Directors were appointed to the Board. John Moncrieff thereafter had no say in the running of the company. Mrs Moncrieff’s role in the history of Monart didn't entirely disappear, however, because she was definitely involved in 1947 with the design of the Wedding Gift set. I don't have documentary evidence for this but I do have the word of Paul Ysart because he told me that he worked with her in choosing the number of pieces and the colour scheme. Perhaps she chaired the local gift committee set up in Perth to choose appropriate gifts from the city as a whole. There is no doubt, however, that she wouldn’t have been involved in company decisions about the design of new shapes or colours, or anything like that after 1933. (Ian Turner 2002)

Age effects on Ysart Glass in 2008.

One of my copies suddenly separated from the cover. No obvious reason but while the printed section was on acid-free paper it is possible that endpapers and boards are not. Simple to reglue but tae care with positioning first.

Changes of Ownership since publication of Ysart Glass in 1990.

  • The items in the following Plates were sold to Perth Museum & Art Gallery:
    40, 60, 72, 120, 121, 126, 135, 136, 180, 218
  • The items in the following Plates were sold to Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow:
    15, 18, 78, 83, 115,
  • The items in the following Plates were sold to the Parkington Collection:
    22, 46, 74, 99, 113, 134
Edited by Mary Houston-Lambert

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