Articles on Ysart–related Glassmakers.

Ysart Contemporary Glassmakers
Gray-Stan Glass by J. van den Bosch, 1987, edits 2003
Nazeing Glass by Frank Andrews, January 1989, edits 2004
Pirelli Glass Separate Menu
Schneider Glass by Raoul Arantes, September 1987
Ysart Related Glass Some examples that are loosely or directly related.
Related Glassmakers following the Ysart tradition
Perthshire Paperweights glassware by Frank Andrews, AUGUST 2006 UPDATE
Chic Young glassmaker Worked with Paul Ysart, and Perthshire Paperweights
John Deacons glassware John Deacons on Scotland's Glass
William Manson Glassware and Paperweights.
Herbert Dreier Master glassmaker
Dial Art Plowden & Thompson The new Monart?
Peter Holmes. Not yet written, anyone?
Selkirk Glass Ltd. Not yet written, anyone?
Caithness Glass - Articles - Catalogues A whole new site April 2006
David Hurry glassmaker on Scotlands Glass Paul Ysart apprentice

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