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June 2008 - More material transferred to Scotland's Glass with better/larger images.

December 2007 - This year was mostly building Scotland's Glass, migrating some pages from here, most catalogue pages are moving to there but can still be accessed from here.

September 2006 - Fixing details, adding size data to catalogues. Minor edits in general. Some Monart catalogue image upgrades.

August 2006 - Added Perthshire Paperweights glassware and David Hurry. Caithness weights expanding (Scotland Glass site but linked on this site)

July 2006 - Tidying up - removed pop-up problems, at last. Please let me know about any problems that still show up, thank you.

June 2006 - Splitting non Ysart glass pages to and is now secure for 5 years thanks to contributions received.

May 2006 PY/Caithness expanded. Forsyth bowl added to Monart specials page. PY Caithness Jewellery MAJOR UPDATE. July 2004 Pin-up added. Dave Moir page added. Monart shape N new style catalogue page.

April 2006 Caithness more pages added. Sklo Union sub site expanding. Monart shapes ?. Added Vasart V041, V042, L012, B044, D016, replaced V020, catlogues will now be clickable for larger images. Added Colour , Added Pin-ups , Dunc Smith, David Hurry and Unknown Oban added.

March 2006 Caithness pages added. New Liberty catalogue page added. Sklo Union sub site added. Monart shapes RH, QI, YK in colour, IF variant . Added Vasart D014, D015, V040. Added Colour 295a, Added Pin-ups May 04, June 04, Denis Mann, Kirkhill and Twists glass pages added. New photos Paul Ysart & staff at Harland.

November 2005. Moncrieff patent 542677 added. Corrected dates in Jenkins pages (Moncrieff menu). Partial answer to A&R Cochran question puzzle 2

October 2005. Paul Ysart c1960 brochure added. Article on Perth conference. Vasart exhibition photo 1949

September 2005. John Moncrieff Gum & Ink recipe(?) book added, 50+ pages. Catalogue 6 pages, Unific leaflet 2 sides, Moncrieff brochure 3 pages. Staff Handbook. Monax catalogue 4 pages. New photo of Paul Ysart at work. 1921 Perthshire advertiser article.

July 2005. Some catalogue images improved.

June 2005. Work slowed down due to life! Major update from new material to John Moncrieff article. Lots of minor corrections from one of those editing passes - it is amazing how many errors can be found. Particularly accented characters caused by a change of software (Adobe GoLive) and upgrading of html.

March 2005. New Site Live, added photo of Perth c1930 showing bottle and Vasart works areas.

April 2005. Added maps from 1860 & 1913. Also one photo of Inkworks building with 1860 map. Added photos of Salvador, Paul and Vincent.

February 2005. Site moved to new location, restructuring continues. John Moncrieff article and lots of images added. Restructuring of site has been completed just need to identify any teething problems. Strathearn Paperweights catalogue completely reorganised with the help of Richard More.

January 2005. Added shapes KL, LL, ML and various Monart variant shapes plus new or improved images. Added another bar vase to Puzzles page. New photographs of 1947 Exhibition. Ysart Special page split and new special LL added. Pirelli Ostrich added. Weight PY1023 added. Liberty's catalogue 1930 added.

November-December 2004. Huge update of ALL Monart catalogue pages, lots of new material and enlarged images. Smaller images will be replaced asap. Hundreds of changes and corrections. Complete reorganisation of site structure.

October 2004. Several new Pirelli animals. Update to Caithness Jewelery article with input from Colin Terris. New Monart cane images, New numbered PY weight image. Shapes J, LH in colour. Monart cat pages x, xA, xB, xC, xD, xE, xF in new format, not all pictures increased in size yet.

September 2004. Added Monart: Colour 481. Shape EE. Monart cat page xE to new format. Updates to Pirelli pages. Also removing my email address, replacing with forum link.

July 2004. Added 3 more Liberty catalogue pages. Added Asprey 1989 catalogue image. NEW MENUS. Added draft of Vasart cane project. Working on alternative registration form. Added 3 items to Pirelli ware catalogue and new info and adverts to Pirelli article.

June 2004. Registration form for Perth 2005 added. Pirelli catalogues added. There have been some minor changes since February, just not recorded! Had a lot of problems with new software and updating site.

February 2004. Vasart catalogue reworking. Added L011, B043, V038. Added Pirelli Animals label. Vasart Vases and Bowls update live. New pinup added. Working on D and L pages.

January 2004. Work had been held up due to disk space problems. Meeting questionnaire removed, new pinup for January - pinups added to photo section of main index table - earlier months will be kept live as long as possible. Colour 64 added. Split colour catalogue from 3 to 6 pages. Added 1973-4 hallmark for PY5505 brooch. Reworking all the Vasart catalogue pages.

December 2003. MONART: Shapes: LD, QA (improved), RC variant. VASART: Shapes: D013 (example not Vasart), L009, L010, improved L006 and data on 2nd larger one. Also, a larger image of it on Specials page with updated text.

November 2003. Monart 'Ware' signature added to labels page. MONART: Lamp FL22, FL23, Post-war fitting, vase-lamp fitting, Colours: 116, 226, 261, 384, 408, 452, 473, 480. Shapes: WH colour KI (improved), KL (traced). Lamp and xL catalogue page set to a new layout.

November 2003. All catalogue images will in future be 200x200 instead of 180x180. Backlog of 500+ emails and lots of images - working on it now. Updates to People and Companies pages. Improved several colours images

October 2003. Added ink works and first Moncrieff glassworks to map of Perth c1859. Solved the Ysart Puzzle of the Isart labelled vase. Little time to work on the site.

September 2003. Redrawn map of Perth c1859.

August 2003. Added Monart colours 55a, 233a, 392. Added Vasart bar tool F012. Added Vasart US retailer label "Lord and Taylor", Moncrieff label M3. New links. Monart shape A variant added, shape FC dish only added, shapes QC, JE, FH, BI in colour. Vasart catalogue size data added. New Ysart Special - The Jean Ysart vases. New Caithness cufflinks, PY5215. Added Nedstat counters to pages. I have moved the Ysartnews newsletters to the other site - this should be unnoticeable to you but do let me know if any links or pictures are not working.

31st July 2003. Removed PY4007 as it was duplicated as PY1014. The month has seen a few minor corrections and an increase in the backlog - thanks for the input - I will try to speed up again but time is scarce at the moment.

25th June. Added more links to link page

10th June. Starting on backlog since March! Updating Companies and peoples page. Update to Caithness Jewellery overview. Update to Calendar of Ysart Glass.

20th March. Liberty catalogue 1934-5 added. Vasart Ginger jar added to Other Shapes catalogue as D012, with option for larger image.

15th March. Pirelli article updated with Guinness animals. Type 1 PY fake weight added #15.

3rd-5th Mar. New Monart colour shapes, TE, FG, NI. New Vasart Ltd weights PV025, 26, 27. Link added to Links Page - Phoenix glass article. New Monart catalogue page, Straight neck vases. Fixed webring links. Stuart Strathearn SS010 added.

2nd March. Resolved colour 128 doubling, earlier allocation had a messy label and opinion was divided if it was 28 or 128, the new 128 resolves the discussion.

27th Feb. Mary's edits completed - thank you Mary.

26th Feb. Been busy tidying up again, site is so big now it takes a lot of work. Various minor edits. New images in Strathearn article. New lamp shape P17, colour 373. A second colour 128 has turned up totally different to the existing one! Both had Ware labels. Added a map of Perth in 1859 to Moncrieff article section.

2nd Feb. Various minor edits. Pirelli article edited and updated. Monart VC in colour.

29th Jan 2003. Owing to the large number of paperweight decorated items, Bar tools etc., the D catalogue was updated to be glass only and the object moved to a ne F catalogue page. Improving cross referencing. Vasart article and EbayWatch results corrected but there may be other references not noticed, a table of old to new numbers is given in the VasartStrathearn catalogue overview. Added bottle opener as F006. Additional edits to several pages.

25th Jan. Added Vasart/Strathearn D021. Minor edits to several articles.

24th Jan. Replaced PY/Caithness jewellery pages with new ones sequenced by type and date.

22nd Jan. Problem with Demon server seem to be fixed??? Uploaded last ten days changes again.

17th Jan. Strathearn millefiori bowls ST002 & ST003 added.

15-16th Jan. Dial Art page added to main menu.
Chic Young (Perthshire Paperweights) bowl added.
Paul Ysart weight PY1022
Strathearn weights, SP034, 35 & 36.
Listed jewellery in catalogue by type and date on Hallmark page. In the future the catalogue will be renumbered, based on this list, but first we need to replace the 3 1970 designs still in black and white. PY5029 replaced as duplicated, PY5032 added.
Added Stuart Strathearn pieces to SS007.
Added Vasart B042.

14th Jan. Added third page of Vasart bowls with B041.
Paul Ysart weight P4016.
New Vasart Ltd weight PV024.
New image Vasart lamp L005.

10th-12th Jan. Removed duplicate vasart V038.
New page with hallmarks used on Caithness Jewellery
Added fitting to Monart lighting fittings page.
Images to Herbert Dreier article.

9th Jan. Monart labelled weights page completed. Contributors & Links updated.

7th Jan. Added Ysart Bros weights YB016, YB017. New type 2 PY fake dragonfly PY fake102.
Updates Strathearn article (not yet up), Herbert Dreier article.
Some catalogue images replaced with better ones.
More speed improvements.

5th Jan 2003. Nazeing Glass article revised version.

4th Jan 2003. Ysartnews 5 & 6 editted.
Added Monart colour 364a and Vasart bowl B040.
Starting on the paperweight updates Set up a new PY catalogue page for labelled Monart weights (more data to be added to this page after reviewing), added P/W No 7.
Ysart Brothers YB013 and YB014.
'Y' cane weights added YX001 (Replaced incorrect item).
Caithness jewellery now 2 pages, added P5028, 5029, 5030, 5031.
Added several new contributors.

2nd Jan 2003. XG colour added. Ysartnews 3 & 4 editted.

21st-31st December. After a long break, now catching up with the backlog.
eBay results moved to separate page, sale information has given updates to Vasart and Monart catalogues.
New Errata, New label.
Improvements to speed up time to load large pages.
Replacing some catalogue images with better pics.
Added American Union to Not Ysart page.
New page on Chic Young.
Monart catalogue colour pics: WI, PC. Variant updates WI, PC.
Added Vasart V039, B039.
Started Strathearn and Stuart Strathearn catalogue pages.
Surface decorated Vassart added to Ysart Specials page.
Editted versions Ysartnews 1 & 2

21st October. New page, John Deacon paperweights. New Vasart bart tool D019. Moved booklist to separate site - search will no longer work on the book pages.

11th October. Replaced PY stones 1-34 with better quality images

10th October. Many minor corrections across the site. Added Moncrieff's Monish bottle page. Edits to Schneider, ID Guide 1, Puzzles, Monart Glass by FA.

16th September. Over the last few weeks many minor corrections have been made across the site. New research into John Moncrieff has slowed down the updates. Hopefully, the new Moncrieff article will be ready this year.

22nd August. Moncrieff ink bottle and advertising weight (Moncrieff Products)buildings.

20th August. Moncrieff buildings. Monart U in colour. Moncrieff Swan correction.

19th August. Correction: Bennie for Bernie (Companies page/Ysart Glass errata. Added: Monart XK in colour, Vasart V038. Schneider article edit.

14th August. Various updates, fixed missing page and images (Labels). Corrected Vasart end date in Companies page.

2nd August. Editing updates: PY catalogue overview, Moncrieff Medals and Other products, This page, Hearsay, Links, Not Ysart, Monart Glass by Frank Andrews, Vasart Glass, Ysart Specials, Ysart Glass errata.

1st August. More on Moncrieff - medals and other products. Companies and people tables split into two. Additional data on calendar. Several pages editted.

19th July. Lots more changes. The two ID guides have been reworked. Many more edits from Mary.

12th July. Lots of changes over the past few weeks. Vasart catalogues expanded, Liberty catalogues added, photos added, Dial Art page added. Mary edits: Contributors/Booklist Topics/GrayStan/Calendar.

19th June. Finally got reregistered with another nic so that no more adverts!

7th June. Fixed problem with some images not appearing. Major revision of Vasart paperweight catalogues.

4th June. Repaired links, some additions throughout.

23rd May. Added Wedding Gift set photo.

22nd May. Added Google site search to main page. Put PY stones up for sale (see end of index page).

15th May. Completed bibliography. Adjustment to main page index layouts. Updates on fakes. Paperweights to Manson page. New colour on colours page. Monart lighting updated. Corrected all spellings of Isabel Moncrieff to Isobel.

12th May. Super new article by Dominic Purdue. Reworked fakes page. Reorganised main page for easier access.

9th May. Edited: Calendar, Companies & People, Vasart Glass. Updates to Monart Lighting, Vasart paperweights - Important Y cane discovery, Contributors. Labels & Signatures. NEW: Feedback Survey form.

4th May. Updates to Pirelli, Vasart, William Manson, Companies & People, Calendar.

2nd May. Vasart weight catalogue split into three periods. Updates to Monart & Vasart articles, Companies/People, Calendar, Manson, Strathearn and Perthshire.

1st May. New data added, from press archives, to: Monart, Vasart and Strathearn articles, Calendar and Companies page.

29th April. New Monart article. First updates to Vasart article.

28th April. Updated Vasart Glass (From Ysart Glass book), companies updated.

26th April. YG Errata new Monart info. Links.

25th April. New Vasart bowl shape. UE in colour. New Vasart corkscrew D015, Updates Errata, Companies, Contributors, Links,

23rd April. Lots of updates, new H & PY weights, PY signatures, PY Jewels complete, Paul Ysart overview updated. Company & People fairly complete now, need cross checking. Monart article developing. New piece on 'Not Ysart Glass'

17th April. Lots of updates, new shape, colours, PY stones complete, PY Jewellery - more coming, New Vasart shapes, Labels updated. Corrections and updates to PY weights. Updated ID guide to weights. Contributors page, links page updated. New Ysart piece on the specials page. Paul Ysart overview updated. And some more efficiency improvements.

12th April. Calendar of Ysartglass now a separate page and partly updated. Added a contributors page. If you have made contributions to this site and would like to be listed here, please let me know. I will not put your name up without consent - let me know the form to use and any web site address etc.

10th April, made some corrections and completed PY, Vasart & Strathearn weights for images in hand. See Paul Ysart overview page for new feedback notes.

7th April. Added Paul Ysart catalogue notes completed. Also changed layout of Paperweight catalogues as no need to show multiple sizes.

6th April. Spent ten days improving all the pages, cut the bibliography down to a page per topic and a new layout that recovered two Mb of the space it had used. Split out more pages from Ysartnews newsletters and generally tidied up. Saving in total 6Mb of the 20Mb that had been in use despite adding new information.
The result should be: faster pages, all links working, easier navigation.
Had a lot of new material from collectors in those ten days and hope to get that on board over the next week.

27th March. Added Vasart weights and Strathearn weights. Some updates to PY weight pages.

26th March. Added Paul Ysart catalogue (Notes still to be added)

24th March. Added Vasart paperweights and canes. Updates to Strathearn page.

22nd March. Updated Identification guide part 1. Added Ysart Glass ERRORS page. More colours and coloured pics in catalogue. Added piece to Non-Ysart glass page.

21st March Ysart Specials page added also non-round Monart shapes page.

19th March Added bar tools to Vasart D catalogue.

17th March. Added colours and variations. Too many Monart shape variations for single page so I have now split to page of variations per catalogue page.
D006 added to Vasart catalogue. Also new Monart lamp fitting.

3rd March. LOTS OF CHANGES AND ADDITIONS - New 'D' Vasart catalogue page with decoration contract pieces. Update to Monart Lighting. Ysart Bases and updating the Ysart identification guides as separate pages. A few more colour added to the Monart catalogue. Split lidded theme page into bottles and boxes pages. Faster loading and more useful for shape comparisons.

1st March 2002. Gray-Stan added. Article from Ysartnews 2 is now a separate page. Minor correction updates in Ysartnews 2. Vasart Catalogue changes.

26th February. Strathearn and Perthshire pages added, more info to be added. Herbert Dreier coming.

24th Feb. New page about John Deacons with pictures to help identify his glassware. Also a new page added to the Monart catalogues that illustrates variations of the standard shapes. Some more colour images received for catalogue, not up yet.

Frank Andrews - February 23rd, 2002
Fake Ysart Glass and unsubstantiated rumours.
For many years, attempts have been made to forge Ysart glass, both Monart and Vasart.
In addition a number of known Scottish glassblowers have been making glass in the Ysart style - see the example on Ysart related page by Herbert Dreier. John Deacons, well known for his 'J' weights, has told me that he makes a small number of glass pieces in the Ysart style too, and these are sold with his label on.
Talking to John Deacons, it is apparent that rumours are circulating that he is responsible for the fakes that are appearing. I would like it to be clearly understood that he is not responsible for the fake Ysart glassware. John does not have the facilities to produce the quantities involved and, understandably, feels unfairly persecuted by the rumours.
If anyone has other glassware by Herbert Dreier, Chick Young, William Manson, Peter McDougall or John Deacons in the Ysart Style, or others, please send me a picture for the website to help collectors recognise them. These are all respectable glass-makers born into a tradition started in Scotland by the Ysart family. Their work should be seen as a tribute to the Ysart family and an additional area of interest for collectors.
The fake glassware is a very different beast as it attempts to copy all the features of genuine Monart and Vasart glass in order to fool collectors. Forgery is a nuisance, but also a challenge. It will always fail, mainly because no-one can get the right colours or the same quality of glass.

If anyone has any information about fake Ysart glassware please contact me a.s.a.p. The Scottish press are investigating.

22nd Feb. Partially completed new Vasart catalogues.

20th Feb. Improved site layout and tidied up all catalogue pages.

13th Feb. Improved theme catalogue page layout. Colour pages split to speed load and new layout. Changing copyright to open source a.k.a. Copyleft

11th Feb. All of the Monart catalogue images are in, about 25% replaced with colour. Added a page showing all the Ysart labels and signatures.

There are probably many typos and other errors in the newsletters, please let me know if you come across them. Note that many addresses are over ten years old and are probably not still correct, I will try to update these as I go and put correct ones on the links page.

18th Jan. - Small image versions of Vasart Catalogue (Bowls & Vases) useful as quick reference. Now removed.

15th Jan 2002. - A new idea, the Ebay watch page. This will list glass attributed to the Ysarts offered for sale on Ebay, I will indicate when a piece is clearly wrongly attributed. If nothing else it will provide a record of pieces sold.

A piece of Vasart was recently sold on Ebay bearing a circular label that was filled in. The code does not match what I had been told about them but that may not matter. Shown on the labels page.

3rd May 2000 - A record Ebay price of $ 2,180 was achieved for a superb early Monart lidded powder box.

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