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Ysart Glass

Any glass made by the Ysart family. 1922 - 1979
Monart Glass

A range made at John Moncrieff's,
North British Glassworks in Perth Scotland.

1922 - 1961.
John Moncrieff Ltd The history and non-Monart products. 1865 - 1998.
Vasart Glass A range made at Ysart Brothers Glass
and at Vasart Glass Limited.
1946 - 1956
1956 - 1964
Strathearn Glass & Stuart Strathearn A continuation of Vasart
eventually developing in new directions.
1965 - 2001
Ysart Style Any glass with roots in the Ysart families work.
Perthshire Paperweights, Caithness Glass etc.
1965 on
Ysart contemporaries Gray-Stan, Nazeing, Schneider, Pirelli. 1910 - 1965
Ysart Paperweights Paul Ysart, Salvador Ysart, Vasart, Strathearn, Fake PY. 1923 - 2002
Unrelated glass Lindean Mill, Siddy Langley, Unidentified glass.

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