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Paul Ysart 1930’s with Monart coded label - July 2004
Monart Paul Ysart labelled paperweight
Monart Paul Ysart labelled paperweight

Monart Glass labels are rarely found on Paul Ysart’s paperweights and even when found are usually uncoded. So far only a handful have been found with the code and these are all shown on this page.

Weights sold via Paul Jokelson did not arrive at the collectors with a label, it is not yet known wether or not Paul Jokelson removed the labels or that Moncrieff supplied him with unlabelled weights.

Interesting that this label is in Roman Numerals and others are in normal numerals. Also the label is greening around the outside, these labels are occasionally found with all the gold having turned green. I expect that exposure to light has had some effect here as most of the all green labels are on lampshades where the label under the lampbase has remained gold. Weights are often displayed tilted in lit cabinets which could explain this case?

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