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Monart Cloisonné — January 2004
Monart Cloisonné vase

Surface decorated pieces are the scarcest type of Monart and two of the styles were named. This is Cloisonné, which was made by dipping the gather in water which created cracks in the surface. Further blowing opened up the cracks. This example also shows the the lustre deposited on the white outer layer by exposure to impurities in the gas. Until around 1926 Moncrieff made their own gas, they then switched to corporation gas which was purer. When Paul Ysart made some surface decorated pieces post war, he would have used chemicals to achieve the lustre. This example is colour code 64 and shape GA.

Image provided by Keith, part of his collection which can be seen at his Website.

Monart Cloisonné detail Detail close-up

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