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Monart Glass shapes AH-ZH variations

The Monart shapes were produced over a long period but as far as we know only two catalogues were produced. From labelled pieces it can be shown that some shapes were produced in variant forms, sometimes qualified with a + on the size code. Such variations are generally subtle. This page shows such variations, compared to the original shape. It has been observed that some of the variations are found in Post-War Monart by Paul Ysart. Occasionally wrong shapes were marked on labels, these are not documented as they could have been caused by label transfer.

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EH EH variant
Monart Glass shape EH Monart Glass shape EH
Original Included to help ID
PH PH variant
Monart Glass shape PH Monart Glass shape PH
Original Proportions
RH RH variant
Monart Glass shape RH Monart Glass shape RH
Original Proportions
VH VH variant
Monart Glass shape PH Monart Glass shape VH
Original Included to help ID
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