Various Glassmakers

New material is always welcomed. Scottish Glassmakers are welcome to send in some images of their work along with their story.
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Scotland's Glass & Glassmakers
Scotland’s Glass Separate site - Early stage of a big project!
Scottish (based) Glassmakers
Lindean Mill Glass Contemporary glass artists.

Allan Scott - Lampworker

Perthshire Paperweights, Jay Glass, Caithness.
Denis Mann - Engraver Caithness, Independant.
John Airlie - Kirkhill Glass Independant (More info needed?)
Twists Studio Glass - Mike Hunter Perthshire Paperweights, Lindean Mill, Independant.
Dunc Smith - Glasscraft Perthshire Paperweights, Independant
Caithness Glass Co Ltd Paperweights and Glassware.
Unknown artist Oban? Can you help identify this girl?
David Hurry Paperweights and Glassware. (Now in Norway)
Dave Moir - Master Glassmaker Vasart, Strathearn,
Scottish Glass Related Persons (Not makers)
Betty Reid Dispatch Clerk John Moncrieff Ltd
Ian Turner Glass Researcher and Author
Non Scottish Glassmakers
Puzzle, can you help? Snake Glass? Jules Lang & Co. resolved.
Siddy Langley Contemporary glass artist.
Sklo Union 1945-1989 Czech Sklo Union Glass 1945-89 by Marcus Newhall 2006.

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